The central objectives of Business Model Innovation through the Quality System Management  is the creation of value (money) . Using the Model Business Canvas Method combined with the Quality Principles you can reinforce your Business. Don’t let your Sellers alone to struggle against the challenges of the market.

For the first time, the target of your Quality Department will be generating revenue, actively helping the customer generation and the selling process.

Business Model Canvas

• We highlight business model innovation as an alternative for general managers and entrepreneurs to create new value, specifically in times of economic change.
• We develop a holistic, multi-dimensional, quality system management framework linked to the business model  assessment that centers on system-level design, as opposed to partial optimization of individual activities, and captures a range of interdependencies within and among business model design elements.
• We attempt to give managers and employers a “language” for business model innovation that can foster analysis, reflection and dialogue on the subject.

In addressing these objectives, we make three distinct contributions to the quality system management. First, we analyze and discuss business model innovation through the conceptual lens of activities, which to the best of our knowledge has not been accomplished with the same degree of focus elsewhere. Using the activity system as the level of analysis, and an activity as the unit of analysis, we introduce a set of parsimonious yet operational concepts for academics and managers alike who are interested in better understanding and/or harnessing the power of business model innovation.

Second, much of the extant literature on business model innovation has focused on the design new models. The ideas and concepts depicted in this paper are equally applicable to innovators of entirely new business models and to managers of focal firms that need to adapt their business model incrementally with the objective of achieving business model innovation that is new to the focal firm. This could be important for realizing small but meaningful business model improvements (as opposed to revolutionary, game-changing business model breakthroughs), and for improving the firm’s competitive position.

Last but not least, we contribute to the Quality System by proposing that even in times of economic crisis and resource scarcity, companies do not need to renounce innovation as a way of enhancing their performance prospects. Rather, managers need to understand the opportunities offered by (relatively cheap) business model innovation to complement, if not substitute (relatively costly) innovation in products or processes.

The continuous improvement  was the only target for the Quality Department as a part of a company. With Casaqa you can increase the contribute of these activities to link the way to create your value to the marketing activities.

Your benefit

Your competitors will only produce procedures. You will produce winning Business Models 

More benefits

Reduce the risk

Reduce the costs

Improve your Status o Brand

Connect your people

One question for you

Finally, ask yourself if your competitive advantage is derived exclusively from the product you  are selling, or if it’s your business model to protect yourself from the competition. 

Manage your Quality System Overdrive.

Design and Control your Business Model

A recently published report from the Economist Intelligence Unit found that a majority of the over 4,000 senior managers who were surveyed worldwide favored new business models over new products and services as a source of future competitive advantage. It stated that, “the overall message is clear: how companies do business will often be as, or more, important than what they do.