I have been managed an Italian fresh product Farm during the last 5 years, growing baby leaf and wholehead in tunnels and open field for the Italian Market and the UK Market (M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose), through British Company as Bakkavor, Vitacress, Dole; .I have detailed knowledge of agricultural technique, organic production, machinery and technological advancements to produce salad, baby leaf in open field and greenhouses.

My agronomic Studio (Casaqa) is helping agribusiness representatives and producers in the baby leaf and salad production industry stay at the top of their game. At few Client, we are providing intensive training “in the field” through demonstrations and activities. The Total Approach to the Farm in terms of agronomic advises, production flow design, food safety, environmental management  and also the ability to share resources and expertise has proved to be a valuable asset in providing high-quality programs.


Growing Baby Leaf and Whole Head for the fresh cut industry  in many part of the World

Developing  a production technique that will remove both physical and micro biological contaminants from the supply chain and to increase shelf life



Cultiva Farm LCC, Marks & Spencer and others good people

What We Did

Make happy the client’s customers

I conducted research projects involving the biology, ecology, and management of insect pests and diseases affecting salad crops and baby leaf

Change is constant in agriculture. Keeping up with the latest technology and changes in crop production in a timely manner is a continuing challenge for those in agricultural professions. This is part of a Integrated Quality System; integrated with production, quality and marketing.