Effective agricultural knowledge and innovation systems ensure that the global food system provides adequate supplies of high quality food and non-food agricultural products, in a sustainable way

“Pure Salad”©  is a new category of agricultural production. It is not a conventional production, it is not an organic  or ICM production. It is a sure way to grow salad through the use of new technologies applied in the greenhouse cultivation. This makes the salad so pure as to be eaten without further processing processes.

We are looking for financiers to extend our project to produce pure salad. Contact us and ask our business plan


Pure Salad Production 


Az. agr. Busceddu

What We Did
  • Innovating the fresh salad production process using new method and technique
  • Creating a new flow process to reduce or eliminate the typical food safety issues
    • Foreign Body
    • Chemical residue
    • Microbial contamination
    • Shelf Life
    • Increase the environmental sustainability
  • Create an new market opportunity (new process = new product)

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