My work is committed to the production of safe food in an injury-free and healthy workplace. We aim to minimize the food company impact on the environment whilst developing efficient production systems.

It is our policy to ensure that our clients comply with relevant customer and statutory requirements  helping to operate ‘best practice’ in all that you do.

We use prepare a customized  Food Safety Manual and the processes and procedures in it to understand risks, control your operations and behaviors – and continually improve the performance of our clients.

Specifically, I can help you to ensure that:

  • Crops are always produced in such a way that the risks of contamination and injury are minimized.
  • All employees are provided with the information, training and tools necessary to do their job in a hygienic and safe manner.
  • Employees comply with all company food safety policies and procedures.


Development, implementation and on-going maintenance of the GAP Program for Italian, and US companies.


Cultiva soc. agr. OP s.cons a r.l.( Europe) ; Cultiva Farm LCC (USA)

What We Did

Food Safety Systems, Tesco Nurture, Tesco Organic, LEAF Marque, GlobalGAP,

ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 22005, IFS, BRC, Field to Fork (M&S standard)

HACCP – (UK accredited – level 3) for all food industries.

Add Value

Ensure that the Food Safety Management System is fit for purpose and meets legislative and customer needs is not enough today. The Food Safety is a key to improve the model business for all food companies.

Easy Systems

I aim to make easy all SOP because I know what means to work and produce food.

Integrated  Systems

The food company and the horticulture needs to have an holistic approach. My commitment is to consider all aspects of a company and especially their market and model business in order to continually improve their performance and to innovate the process flow.

Solid Experience

A Food Safety System is robust when it is easy to use and powered by international experiences. If you want to tackle the most difficult markets you can rely on my experience.

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