Wild Rocket; E.coli

E.coli deaths: two people have died and 151 cases have been confirmed. Mixed salad leaves linked to outbreak

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In UK 2 people have died and 151 cases have been confirmed in an E.coli outbreak  that seems to be linked to eating mixed salad leaves and especially wild rocket.

Two people died and a further 62 needed hospital attention after contracting the infection. In total are 151 cases that have been confirmed. Health autorities have said more than 150 people in the UK have been found to have been infected with the E. coli O157  bacteria—many of whom had eaten pre-packed salad containing rocket leaves.

"“PHE has been working to establish the cause of the outbreak and has identified that several of the affected individuals ate mixed salad leaves including rocket leaves prior to becoming unwell.
“PHE is also working closely with the Food Standards Agency to trace, sample and test salad products grown in the UK and other parts of Europe.

“As an additional precautionary measure, we have advised a small number of wholesalers to cease adding some imported rocket leaves to their mixed salad products pending further investigations"

Dr Isabel OliverDirector of PHE’s field epidemiology service

Rocket leaves is suspected to be mainly contaminated by E.coli

Public Health England  is still investigating the exact cause. A small number of wholesalers  has been advised to cease importing wild rocket leaves for their mixed salad products. They are recommending shoppers wash pre-packaged mixed leaves thoroughly.

The health body believe the strain of E. coli is likely to have been imported, perhaps from the Meditteranean.

E. coli can cause bloody diarrhoea as well as stomach ache. People can avoid getting the invection by washing hands thoroughly and keeping unwashed vegetables away from food that is ready to eat